choosing-a-technology-solutionWelcome. As Information technology marches on, and as enterprises grow and develop, they face bigger and more complex challenges than ever before to leverage information, one of the organization’s biggest assets. This often means that the expertise needed to meet those challenges are either not available, or are stretched to the point where adding more responsibility would be counterproductive or performance degrading.

We specialize in solving problems for large businesses, achieving higher productivity and performance levels through careful analysis, planning, design, collaboration, implementation and deployment of the ERP, Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, Corporate Performance Management solutions and data management technologies.

Working as an independent project consultancy firm, or as part of an implementation team, we are able to bring our business acuity and high-level analysis skills to an enterprise and use them to provide corporate performance enhancements, complete system migrations and provide ingenious ways to use the data an enterprise has access to. We can create data structures that allow business reporting mechanisms to convey the type of information that helps management improve performance, maximize productivity, nurture customer relations, and most importantly, increase revenues.

Business efficiency is all about having the right information at your fingertips; We create highly functional and effective data systems through deep understanding of the technology, the use of innovative program design and warehousing strategies so that information available to those who make the decisions is appropriate, useful, accurate and up-to-date.