Data Integration/Migration Services

Data Integration

Combining data from disparate data storage systems is required in a number of situations: when companies merge, when systems or part-systems are being upgraded, and when unconnected databases are being merged. Data integration brings many challenges related to many technical aspects of the data, its format, storage mechanism, location etc. but can offer tremendous benefits to an enterprise. Integrating data from separate systems can make a huge difference to productivity and business functionality.

We have a keen instinct for the ways in which businesses can be made leaner and more productive through such data integration.


Data Migration

Organizations grow and part of the process is replacing legacy software and hardware by moving on with new technologies. One of the obvious problems faced is the problem of migrating data from one system and architecture to another. It can be costly for a business not to successfully complete the migration phase of an upgrading/development process and can cause an implementation to fail completely, particularly if the migration is not strategically planned out and managed to align the data so that it can be migrated safely.

We have the knowledge and experience to provide a quality and seamless migration path for large/distributed data systems

If your business or organization has a need for advice regarding data migration or integration, We can offer advanced assistance and offer solutions for the complex problems faced in such operations.