With a standard data structure and possibly many interrelated but incompatible systems contributing to a business operation, providing a single consistent view of the data across the organization for decision making can be a nightmare.

The principle of data warehousing is that a copy of day to day business transactions from single or multiple source systems can be combined and organized into a data warehouse that forms the base to provide clean, accurate and timely information for effective business intelligence reporting.  This intelligence can provide a number of benefits offering the potential for:

  • Finding new avenues for growth
  • Improving productivity
  • Increasing the ROI on resources and assets
  • Improving customer relationships and service levels
  • Identifying new markets

We have the expertise to create effective strategies for the use of data within a business to reflect the reporting and intelligence needs of an organization. We are able to understand the needs of a business in relation to its data and together with our analytical and technical skills we can offer businesses a robust data warehousing and business intelligence solution.